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Fairy and Wind Cave Nature Reserve is located about 50 km away from Kuching. Before reaching the destination, you’ll pass by fascinating villages, rubber estates, pepper gardens, cocoa plantations and lush rainforest. Fairy and Wind Cave Nature Reserve is a national park in the Kuching Division of Sarawak. It is part of the Bau Formation, a narrow limestone belt extending 150 kilometers on the southwest part of the state.

The Wind Cave is geologically more interesting, as the effects of water in hollowing out holes in the ceiling and sculpting river channels were more pronounced. The cave derived its name from the draft of air, which passes through the passage leading to the Sungai Sarawak Kanan, on which it is situated. The most popular attraction here is the Western entrance of the cave, which has a small beach adjacent to the Sarawak River. Exploring the cave on the boardwalk and experience the thrill of walking in the dark, with bats flying by you in the darkness.

There is another equally majestic cave called the Fairy Cave. The mouth of the cave is at the top of a three-story staircase. Fairy Cave has interesting rock formations, some resembling figures and animals. The cave has long been frequented by the Chinese living in the area, who come to pray at the cave formations, and who believe these formations are representations of "spirit beings", and thus gave the cave its name. Many shrines and altars are to be found in the cave.

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