Sungkai Wildlife Conservation Centre|Perak|Malaysia

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The Sungkai Wildlife Conservation Centre is located about 60km south of Ipoh and 15km from Sungkai village. From Kuala Lumpur, exit at the Sungkai toll gate, turn right at the junction and take the main road leading to the Shell petrol station, where a signboard on the right points to direction where the Wildlife Conservation Center is.

 Sungkai Wildlife Conservation Centre is managed by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Jabatan Perhilitan) in Sungkai, Perak. The centre which spans over 50 hectares was opened in 1971 and it’s primary conservation effort to prevent extinction of endangered wildlife is focus on captive breeding programmes for the gaur, sambar deer and several indigenous pheasant species.

This wildlife reserve covers an area of about 2,450 hectares of the Tapah Forest Reserve at Sungkai and was gazetted in 1921. The breeding centre is home to Sambar Deers, Timor Deers, mousedeers, pheasants especially the Malaysian Great Argus Pheasant, the endangered Crested Argus Pheasant, the Crested Fireback, the Crested Peacock Pheasant, the Crestless Peacock, the Green Peafowl and the highly endangered Mountain or Rothchild's Peacock. There are also several cages of hornbills, pigeons and cuckoo-doves.


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