Sibu Island|Johor|Malaysia

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Sibu Island is an island off the eastern coast of Johor, Malaysia. Access to Sibu is via the small town of Tanjung Leman, about 130 km north of Johor Bahru and 72 km south of Mersing.

Scuba Diving and snorkeling from Pulau Sibu are excellent as the whole area was turned into a Marine Park in 1993. It is the closest island to Singapore for Scuba Diving. There are many scuba diving sites within a 30 minute boat journey from Sibu Island offering a variety of both soft and hard corals. The sea life is prolific and varied, from Nurse Sharks to Moray Eels, Bat Fish to Blue Spotted Sting Rays, Box Fish to Nudibranches and much, much more.

Most of the island's resorts are situated on the north eastern section of Pulau Sibu, where the golden brown beaches slope away gradually offering ideal bathing conditions.The south east coast of Sibu rears up as a series of steep, abrupt cliffs with a rocky shoreline at their base and provides shelter to the village behind.

The rocks here, and where exposed at other points on the island, are colourful and contorted. This is due to their composition of layers of volcanic ash run through with later lavas which have combined to produce lacework patterns and reliefs.

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