Mount Stong State Park|Kelantan|Malaysia

Interesting Places In Malaysia

Mt.Stong State Park (formerly called Jelawang Jungle) and is situated on the fringes of Malaysia’s massive Titiwangsa range. The Mt.Stong State Park is listed among the top five unique ecotourism destinations in Malaysia. It covers an area of 21,950 hectares of land dotted with high peaks, dense forest, a variety of caves, rivers and waterfalls.

Its thick jungle is home to elephants, tigers, bears, gibbons, hornbills and a range of other exotic wildlife, as well as a variety of flora and fauna including the world’s largest flower, the rafflesia of the kerii meyer species, and the endemic long-sectioned bamboo, a type of purple herb (Didymocarpus calcareous) and a unique palm species (Licuala stongesis).

With the assistance of a qualified and knowledgeable trekking guide, the journey uphill is made more meaningful. In good weather conditions, an experienced guide can take travelers along the scenic route of the waterfalls from the foot of Gunung Stong at least halfway before continuing inland for the rest of the hike up. This route showcases the waterfall cascading down from great heights along the solid granite rock structure, a breath-taking sight to behold.


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