Blue Lagoon Beach|Negeri Sembilan|Malaysia

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About 15 km from Port Dickson town lies the Blue Lagoon which offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding greenery and the blue open sea. It is a truly beautiful beach being protected on the left by Cape Rachado, on the right by an outcropping of rocks and in front of it by a small coral reef that is barely visible at low tide. This U shape beach situated towards to the end series of beach in Port Dickson. Surrounding by Beremba tree, this small beach very quiet and a bit isolated compare with others.

The surrounding of this beach is hilly and stony, enfolded by serene blue sea with alignment of corals. It has strikingly long stretch, clean with soothing sea water and mesmerising panorama surrounding it. It is definitely the perfect choice for visitors who need to unwind while viewing the sunset at dusk. The lagoon is also an ideal spot for swimming, boating, wind surfing and water skiing. This is where the action is when it comes to having fun in the sun. Accommodation is easily obtainable as a number of hotels and motels are located here.

The sea waters here are calm and particularly shallow, a result of the bay's naturally deep recess and sandbanks that protect the Blue Lagoon from strong tides and currents. At night, beams of light can be seen emanating in circles from the lighthouse at the hilltop of Cape Rachado, while visitors camp and fish from the beachside. During the day, the shallow waters and sandbanks prevent most water sport activities from being carried close to shore, which thankfully limits the number of jet skis and motor boats dramatically. At low tide, it is also possible to walk tremendously far out to sea, and yet encounter only knee-deep waters.

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