Aur Island|Johor|Malaysia

Interesting Places In Malaysia

Pulau Aur or Aur Island is one of the beautiful islands in the South China Sea off the coast of Johor. Located 75 km offshore from Mersing, it is one of the farthest major island within the Johor Marine Park. Pulau Aur is surrounded by crystal-clear waters which look simply fantastic on a clear day. There are shipwrecks off its coast - some of these are from ancient Chinese junks and sailing ships laden with cargo that are still being salvaged.

The deeper waters around the area ensure good visibility and a large variety of marine life, the island is popular among weekend divers.The rich pelagic action also attracts numerous sport fishermen, hoping to try their luck with the marlins or sailfish outside the marine park island. Many private yachts anchor in the calm waters between Pulau Aur and Pulau Dayang.

The main reef is located towards the southern end of Pulau Aur and Pulau Pinang. The top of the reef begins at about 12m and slopes in excess of 25m, making it ideal for diving.

Bako National Park|Sarawak|Malaysia

Interesting Places In Malaysia

Bako National Park is located about 30 km from Kuching,Sarawak. It is the oldest park in Sarawak. It contains a wide range of vegetation bounded by picturesque coastline and steep cliffs. It is one of the places in Sarawak to see wildlife in natural surrounding.

Comprising Borneo’s signature jungles along with a vast bionetwork of exotic flora and fauna, the park is a 27 square kilometre sanctuary. Located along the northern tip of the Muara Tebas Peninsular, the park is a stone’s throw away from Kuching.

Sarawak exemplifies all the typical Borneo stereotypes – hidden jungles, tea-brown rivers, exotic animals and a thriving indigenous populace. It goes without saying that the cat city’s major plus point is its proximity to this abundance of natural wonders.

Mabul Island|Sabah|Malaysia

Interesting Places In Malaysia

Located only about 15 minutes by speedboat from the famous Sipadan Island, Mabul Island has gained its own recognition as one of the best muck-diving (a term used to describe limited visibility dives at shallow sites with usually sandy bottoms) sites in the world.

Mabul Island is a small oval shaped island fringed by sandy beaches and perched on the northwest corner of a larger 200-hectare reef. The reef is on the edge of the continental shelf and the seabed surrounding the reef slopes out to 25–30m deep.

Mabul Island is also renowned for its amazing array of macrolife, making it an underwater photographer’s dream location to capture some of the rarest ecological species on film. Flamboyant cuttlefish, blue-ringed octopus, spike-fin gobies, frogfish and moray eels are just some of the spectacular critters you will encounter beneath the waters of Mabul Island. Although all the excitement is underwater, you can always set your scuba gear aside for a day to laze on Mabul’s soft sand to work on your tan.