Snake Temple|Pulau Pinang|Malaysia

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The Snake Temple is located at Sungai Kluang near Bayan Lepas airport in the Penang Island. The snake temple is probably the only one of its kind in the world. Built in 1850, the snake temple, is also known as Temple of the Azure Cloud or Pure Cloud Temple.

The snake temple is a safe haven for pit vipers that are said to be the “servants” of the deity. Although pit vipers are known to be venomous and aggressive, those in the temple appear docile. These poisonous snakes, coiled round the pillars or beams around the temple are believed to be made drowsy by the smoke of the burning incense. You get to see local snakes like vipers, king cobras, pythons, tree snakes, racers, kraits, water snakes, cat’s-eye, paradise tree snakes and the rare albino cobra.

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