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A trip to Labuan would not be complete if one does not visit Kampung Air (Water Village). There are two main water villages in Labuan,Sabah - Kampung Bebuloh and Kampung Patau-Patau which are mainly inhabited by Brunei Malays.

The houses here, which are built right at the water's edge, are made of wood and sit on high stilts, joined together with a maze of wooden walkways. Visitors are free to roam around the vicinity of the water villages and observe the humble lifestyle of a predominantly fishing community.

Almost every house owner here has his own boat. The houses can be quite large and they all have cool decorated verandahs.Some are very eye-catching with pots of brightly colored bougainvillea and orchid plants. The villages are made up of large communities with shops, mosques and other facilities.

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Leontien said...

oh i love all the flower pots on the walkways...

Makes it all a little bit more cheerfull.

Thanks for sharing