Gadek Hot Springs|Melaka|Malaysia

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Gadek Hot Springs is located in the District of Alor Gajah, approximately 30 km away from Malacca. It was believed that local villagers discovered the hot spring in the forest after watching some English soldiers settled around the spring. After the war, visitors from far and wide discovered that the hot spring had strong healing elements unlike many that they had encountered before.

Today visitors can enjoy the spa pool or the "Soak In Pool" for those seeking therapeutic cure for skin ailments. Spewing steam and warming up the surroundings on cold mornings, the water gushes out continuously. Surrounded by coconut and palm trees, you can chill and relax in the hot spring pool. A restaurant and playground is made available to provide additional attractions for visitors. An ideal spot for family outing.

There is a thrifty restaurant serving local delicacies, and you will not be disappointed having had a filling meal after a refreshing shower in the cubicles provided here by the local government's privatized project.

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