Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm|Johor|Malaysia

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The Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm is located in Teluk Sengat, Kota Tinggi Johor, Malaysia. There are as much as 1000 or even more crocodiles available in the Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm. There is also a toothless 130-year-old crocodile. Past its prime, this geriatric prefers to spend its golden years sunbathing rather than scaring away the visitors.

This farm is established in the year of 1979. The crocs here are of the saltwater crocodile species (Crocodylus Porosus). Visitors have a chance to watch how crocodiles are fed. Apart from all those old crocodiles, you get to experience a one to one time with the babies croc. You are allowed to hold them and touch them under the supervising of the caretaker. Moreover, there are souvenirs sold in the crocodile farm.

Paddy Museum|Kedah|Malaysia

Interesting Places In Malaysia

This Paddy Museum is the first of its kind in Malaysia, and the fourth to be opened in the world after Japan, Germany and the Philippines. It is situated nearby Gunung Keriang at 8km north of Alor Star,Kedah.

Paddy Museum features unique roof design that portrays bushels of harvested rice stalks. Rice motifs are repeated throughout the building, on staircase banisters, the museum gates and the fence surrounding it. Its spiral staircase leads visitors to the top most portion that offers a spectacular bird's eye view of a revolving wall galleries. The mural displays the stages of rice cultivation from ploughing, planting, threshing and winnowing.

The museum showcases the paddy cultivation process in Malaysia and displays all kinds of tools and equipment which have been used in the trade over the years. Through beautiful murals, the artwork of 60 artists from North Korea, the history of paddy cultivation in Malaysia is revealed.

The museum is dedicated to the hardworking and simple paddy farmers, whose blood, sweat and toil have contributed to the objective of achieving self-sufficiency in the rice industry.

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park|Selangor|Malaysia

Interesting Places In Malaysia 

Sunway Lagoon is a multi-award winning theme park which is located just 15 minutes from Kuala Lumpur. There are five different theme parks in this one amazing destination, with more than 80 rides and attractions to choose from. Here,you can choose from the Water Park, Amusement Park, Wildlife Park, Extreme Park and Scream Park, or spend the whole day park-hopping.

Experience the world’s largest man-made sandy surf beach, world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge, Asia’s highest slingshot ride, Malaysia’s first interactive zoo and one of Asia’s longest flying fox trails. Other highlights include paintball war games, mountain biking, wall climbing, bungee jumping, go-karting, All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) rides, the Pontianak Theatre of Fear, and Terminator laser battle, to name just a few.

Sunway Lagoon is also home to the regions hottest events and concerts. Glitz and glamour, or cool and happening, Sunway Lagoon has hosted the most sought after events in the region like the MTV World Stage (2009, 2010 & 2012), Arthurs Day Celebration and the Quiksilver Revolution Tour.

Sunway Lagoon is located in the booming township of Bandar Sunway in Petaling Jaya. It is accessible via a network of expressways (Federal Highway, Damansara-Puchong Expressway, New Pantai Express Way and KESAS Highway) and is a mere 15-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur.

Sibu Island|Johor|Malaysia

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A group of Sibu island lies only 30 minutes from the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. The scenic cluster of islands is made up of Pulau Sibu Besar, Pulau Sibu Tengah, Pulau Sibu Hujung, Pulau Kukus and Pulau Tinggi, “Pulau” being the Malay word for island. These islands are rich in natural beauty and sea turtles crawl ashore here in July to lay their eggs. The panoramic sea views, the coral reefs and the white sandy beaches make Sibu a special place, where the only risk is to fall in love with the idyllic island life.

Sibu Island is a pleasant hideaway with its lush tropical vegetation, endless stretches of golden beaches and clear blue waters. The island is also dotted with numerous sea caves carved out of rocks. There are the numerous outdoor activities on this island while fishing trips being particularly popular. Scuba diving is also a good option as this area was designated a Marine Park in 1993 for the conservation of the marine life in the surrounding water.

Tourists can go for a hike through the jungle leading to unspoilt mangrove swamps or visit the kelong, or jetty, where anchovies are caught. Alternatively, head for the kampung, or village, to get a first-hand look at how coconuts are smoked to make copra.

You can catch a boat ride to Sibu Island from Tanjung Leman jetty, south of Mersing. Tanjung Leman is on the east coast of Malaysia, in the state of Johor. It is 2 hours northeast of Johor Bahru and 45 minutes south of Mersing. Sibu Island is about a 20- minute boat ride away from Tanjung Leman.

Rawa Island|Johor|Malaysia

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Rawa Island or Pulau Rawa is a little island just off the coast of Mersing,Johor, some 35 minutes speedboat ride from the jetty. This quiet island only has 2 choices of accommodation on it. The wooden chalets nestled amongst coconut groves complement the island's reputation as a quaint hideaway.

The island was discovered by Tunku Mohammed Archibald as a perfect fishing haven. In 1971, he built Rawa Island Resort also known as Rawa Safaris. This Rawa Island is a special place that beckons you to be yourself. As the waves carry away your troubles, the breeze smoothens those perpetual frown lines and the sun just warms up every corner of your heart. Truly, an unspoilt oasis of peace and tranquility. No TV, no phone lines, no cars, no crowds and no reason to run after time.

Rawa Island is a relaxing, easy-going getaway and most of its visitors spend their days sunbathing, napping in hammocks or cooling off in the clear turquoise water.

Pulau Tiga Marine Park|Sabah|Malaysia

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Situated 48 km southwest of Kota Kinabalu, the Pulau Tiga Park comprises of the three islands; Tiga, Kalampunan Besar & Kalampunan Damit. Pulau Tiga is the largest of the three islands and has three mud volcanoes. Sea erosion has reduced Pulau Kalampunian Besar to a small sand cay built up from unconsolidated coral fragments.

Whilst Pulau Kalampunian Damit is composed of sandstone, limestone and shale with thick vegetation where hundreds of poisonous sea snakes can be found resting under rocks, in crevices or on tree stumps. All three islands have brackish inland lagoons.

Its beautiful landscape and unspoilt natural environment has attracted CBS TV Network of the USA to use this island as the main location for the popular 'Survivor' Programme, dubbing it the 'Survivor Island'. Several small mud volcanoes spewing cool, mineral-rich mud can still be found near the summit of the island. The notion that this mineral rich mud is good for your skin makes mud-bathing a must-do activity on this island.

Lang Tengah Island|Terengganu|Malaysia

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Lang Tengah Island or Pulau Lang Tengah is a very small island located between Perhentian Island and Redang Island. Lang Tengah is a tiny island surrounded by a protected coral reef that is situated off the coast of Kuala Terengganu.

This little island is accessible by a 30-minute boat ride from the Merang jetty. According to locals, Lang Tengah takes its name from 'Lang' which comes from helang which means 'eagle' in the Malay language, and tengah, meaning 'middle'. Thus, Lang Tengah means eagles resting on the middle island.

The island is very small indeed. A round-island trip by speed boat takes only 10 minutes. The beach is narrow and land is limited. However, its small size gives it its best advantage - Lang Tengah Island holds only 4 resort operators, ensuring a peaceful visit.

Aur Island|Johor|Malaysia

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Pulau Aur or Aur Island is one of the beautiful islands in the South China Sea off the coast of Johor. Located 75 km offshore from Mersing, it is one of the farthest major island within the Johor Marine Park. Pulau Aur is surrounded by crystal-clear waters which look simply fantastic on a clear day. There are shipwrecks off its coast - some of these are from ancient Chinese junks and sailing ships laden with cargo that are still being salvaged.

The deeper waters around the area ensure good visibility and a large variety of marine life, the island is popular among weekend divers.The rich pelagic action also attracts numerous sport fishermen, hoping to try their luck with the marlins or sailfish outside the marine park island. Many private yachts anchor in the calm waters between Pulau Aur and Pulau Dayang.

The main reef is located towards the southern end of Pulau Aur and Pulau Pinang. The top of the reef begins at about 12m and slopes in excess of 25m, making it ideal for diving.

Bako National Park|Sarawak|Malaysia

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Bako National Park is located about 30 km from Kuching,Sarawak. It is the oldest park in Sarawak. It contains a wide range of vegetation bounded by picturesque coastline and steep cliffs. It is one of the places in Sarawak to see wildlife in natural surrounding.

Comprising Borneo’s signature jungles along with a vast bionetwork of exotic flora and fauna, the park is a 27 square kilometre sanctuary. Located along the northern tip of the Muara Tebas Peninsular, the park is a stone’s throw away from Kuching.

Sarawak exemplifies all the typical Borneo stereotypes – hidden jungles, tea-brown rivers, exotic animals and a thriving indigenous populace. It goes without saying that the cat city’s major plus point is its proximity to this abundance of natural wonders.

Mabul Island|Sabah|Malaysia

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Located only about 15 minutes by speedboat from the famous Sipadan Island, Mabul Island has gained its own recognition as one of the best muck-diving (a term used to describe limited visibility dives at shallow sites with usually sandy bottoms) sites in the world.

Mabul Island is a small oval shaped island fringed by sandy beaches and perched on the northwest corner of a larger 200-hectare reef. The reef is on the edge of the continental shelf and the seabed surrounding the reef slopes out to 25–30m deep.

Mabul Island is also renowned for its amazing array of macrolife, making it an underwater photographer’s dream location to capture some of the rarest ecological species on film. Flamboyant cuttlefish, blue-ringed octopus, spike-fin gobies, frogfish and moray eels are just some of the spectacular critters you will encounter beneath the waters of Mabul Island. Although all the excitement is underwater, you can always set your scuba gear aside for a day to laze on Mabul’s soft sand to work on your tan.

Pangkor Island|Perak|Malaysia

Interesting Places In Malaysia

Situated about 7 kilometres from Lumut town, just off the west coast of Perak. It comprised of 9 small islands.It is one of the most enchanting islands you'll ever come across.For centuries, Pangkor has been a welcome stopover for weary sea travelers, pirates and adventurers.

Pangkor today is a thriving tourist destination that somehow does not reflect her turbulent past.The island is home to a few small fishing villages mainly scattered around the east coast. The main village just past the Pangkor Island Jetty offers a wide variety of fresh and dried seafood and souvenirs crafted from seashells and local materials.

Tioman Island|Pahang|Malaysia

Interesting Places In Malaysia

Tioman Island is among the top ten most beautiful and idyllic islands in the world. Tioman Island is the largest island off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

Tioman Island is an excellent spot for fun-filled water sports activities. You can go scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, boating, water skiing, windsurfing, or enjoy the beauty of undersea gardens by ridding around the island in a glass-bottomed boat.

Tioman Island is also the ideal spot for nature lovers.The wonders of nature that greet you are truly astounding and fascinating. Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy a bountiful catch at Tioman Island, just hire a boat for a day, anchor outside the Marine Park limits where fishing is permitted. The perfect place for tourists.

Kapas Island|Terengganu|Malaysia

Interesting Places In Malaysia

 Kapas Island means Cotton Island, inherited its name from the native because of its incomparable white beaches. It is just 10 minutes away by speed boat from Marang jetty, which is 18km south of Kuala Terengganu or about 20 minutes by road.

Surrounded by crystal clear ocean,Kapas Island promises a spectacular getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life to quiet natural retreats with abundant sunshine and crisp clean air.

Beside being a haven for swimming, snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, boating and fishing, this island is also home to an infinite variety of hard and soft corals, the waters around the island abound with sea-shells, fish and turtles. Snorkeling and underwater diving are popular along stretched of shallow coral reefs of the island's western shore.