Kenong Rimba Park|Pahang|Malaysia

Interesting Places In Malaysia

Covering an area of 121 sq. km south-west of Taman Negara, Kenong Rimba is situated in natural surroundings with cascading waterfalls, mountain streams and a variety of flora and fauna. It offers great adventure such as exploring limestone caves, river swimming, camping and jungle trekking. Spanning across the Kenong Valley and Sungai Renong, Kenong Rimba Park shares a common eastern and northern boundary with Taman Negara.

Each limestone cave is situated about half an hour's trek from each other. The most striking is the Gua Batu Tinggi, which resembles a dug-out boat. The Sungai Kenong River passes though this cave. Local folklore has it that the cave was formed when a boat carrying the Kings messenger from Pekan was turned into stone. This cave is approximately 122 to 152 metres above sea level. Here you can find a variety of plant life that includes orchids, fig trees and epiphytes.

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