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Interesting Places In Malaysia

Putrajaya Wetlands in Putrajaya, Malaysia is believed to be the largest constructed freshwater wetlands in the tropics .It has a total area of 200 hectares (3.35 km²). Putrajaya Wetlands consists of 24 wetland cells, Wetlands Park (Taman Wetland) and the other Wetlands areas. The Wetland now is also a wildlife sanctuary which attracts a huge variety of animals to the combined terrestrial-aquatic wetland environment.

This park is highly popular among health buffs in the mornings and during weekends, picnickers throng its surroundings. Pergolas are available if you want to have a shaded picnic with tables and benches. Otherwise, plenty of trees offer a cool respite from the tropical heat.

Putrajaya Wetlands has also embarked on planning and implementing recreational and educational activities by adopting a holistic approach towards creating a premier eco-tourism park. It is also constantly revising and updating the programmes and activities to give better experience for its visitors. There is also a range of camping opportunities and youth leadership camps for children and teenagers.

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