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The Mulu Caves National Park is situated close to the southern border of Brunei and Malaysia, about 100km east-southeast of the town of Miri and 100km due south of Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. Mulu Caves National Park is home to one of the longest networks of caves in the world. Here lies the worlds largest underground chamber, the Sarawak Chamber, capable of accommodating forty Boeing 747 airplanes.

The Park has three mountains, Gunung Mulu 2,376m, Gunung Api 1,750m and Gunung Benarat 1,585m. Many of Mulu’s attractions lie deep below the surface. Hidden right underneath the forested slopes of these mountains is one of the largest limestone cave systems in the world. There are at least 300km more of explored caves, which provides a spectacular sight. These caves are also home to millions of cave swiftlets and bats.

The alluvial plain in the park comprises of lowland alluvial forest, tropical heath forest, peat swamp and riparian forest. It is the most complex vegetation formation in the park. Some emergent species attain a height of forty meters, with maximum girths of 250m. Mulu Caves National Park is also considered to be one of the richest sites in the world for palms, with approximately 111 species and 20 genera recorded.

Besides exploring Mulu's underground world there are many other activities which can be enjoyed as short day trips out from Park Headquarters. They include trekking without a guide, longboat river trips and guided walks. Dense vegetation clings to every surface and trees are draped with orchids, ferns and creepers. Insects, lizards and squirrels dash up and down the tree trunks with butterflies and dragonflies adding a burst of colour as they glide by. Peculiar insects buzz past in search of a mate and a wild perfume wafts down from the canopy where tropical flowers bloom.

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