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Interesting Places In Malaysia

Putrajaya lake is located 25km south of Kuala Lumpur and 20km north of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). It can be reached by expressways, urban highways dan railways. Putrajaya lake is in the heart of the administration city, and visitors can take a leisure cruise on the lake. The vast man-made Putrajaya Lake is the city’s centre-piece that spreads over 400 hectares, a blue watery expanse which blends across the different precincts. For the best views of Putrajaya, take a cruise around the lake.

Through this meandering lake visitors can take a leisurely lake cruise to see the many sights and landmarks from e unique perspective - with wind in your hair and the light spray of water turns the cruise into an experience no one should miss. The lake cruise services offered allows visitors to choose from the two different modes offered - by passenger cruise boat or the gondola like vessels designed after the local Malay traditional perahu.

Belimbing Passenger Cruise Boat - a fully air-conditioned cruise boat that seats 76 passengers comfortably and allows an unbridled view through its wrap-around glass windows.
Dondang Sayang Perahu - The gondola like perahu offers a more intimate ride and a more romantic way to see Putrajaya. These open-air vessels come in 2 types – the Payang with a 4 seat and the Kolek with a 6 seater capacity, each operated by a single boatman.

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