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Interesting Places In Malaysia

The Kota Tinggi Waterfall is located 62km away from Johor Bahru, and 16km away from Kota Tinggi, Johor. The waterfall, which is 36m high, originates from the top of Mount Panti. The waterfall area is a great place to have family picnics, but the place can get crowded during the weekends. The scenery is perfect as you watch the water cascading down with the view of the 600m high Gunung Muntahak in a distance.

A favourite among locals, this tall, cool waterfall with its pristine recreational forests and good jungle tracks, is just one of the many attractions of Kota Tinggi. Almost like a water-themed park, the corresponding stretch of rapid water had been channelled to whisk bathers seeking adventure, down the slide with a huge inflatable tube. Definitely for the thrill-seekers but the upper pools where the cascades flow are left untouched.

Visitors can spend a night there at a Swiss style chalets built near the falls which is equipped with cooking facilities. There are public changing rooms and camping grounds at the base of the waterfall. There is also a restaurant nearby that provides both Chinese and Western food. Food stalls are set up here as well. A camping ground has also been opened for those who wish to camp out. There are parking spaces available for cars, buses and motorcycles as well.

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