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The Portuguese Square is Melaka’s version of the Lisbon Square. It lies on the Malacca town outskirts, in the district of Ujong Pasir. This place was the settlement area of the Portuguese sailors and warriors. While staying there, they eventually married some of the local girls and decided to stay there permanently. To this day, the area is home to the descendants of the Portuguese.

Through the years, the Eurasians who stayed here are considered to be excellent cooks. They are also well versed in entertaining other people. Because of this, the area became the favorite among the Melaka attractions for everyone who wants to have a great night. Every Saturday evening, the square lights up in a festive mood and performers participate in cultural dances to their heart’s content. Performances take place in the square where visitors can observe dancers spiral around in their customary costumes to the musical harmony of the orchestra. Every other night, including Saturdays, you’ll hear bands playing the night away in a scene resemblant to Portuguese style living.

Notable in this area is the Portuguese food wherein the recipes have been handed over for generations which has become part of Melaka tourism. The Portugal square is famous for its restaurants, which serve sumptuous seafood dishes like fragrantly spiced baked fish wrapped in banana leaves. Be sure to come here at dawn where you will still have time to shop in their stalls for a good souvenir.

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