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The Cat Museum is located on the Ground Floor of the Kuching North City Hall Headquarters Building at the Bukit Siol, Jalan Semariang, Petra Jaya, Kuching, Sarawak. It is owned by the Kuching North City Hall (DBKU). There are 2000 exhibits, artifacts, statues about cats from all over the world. According to Malaysian and Chinese beliefs, the cat is a lucky animal.

The museum covers an area of 1,035.9 square meters on top of the hill called 'Bukit Siol' which stands 60 meters above the sea level with beautiful sceneries overlooking the beautiful city of Kuching. The responsibilities of the Cat Museum are to carry out research, collection, presentation, documentation, promotion, publication, education and awareness of historical heritage, cultures and the natural environment.

The Cat Museum's cat artefacts displayed were previously on show for the first time at the National Museum, Kuala Lumpur, in 1987 as one of its gallery. Later it was brought to Kuching (The Cat City) under the care of Sarawak Museum and was put on display for the first time on 1 August 1988, when Kuching was proclaimed as a Cat City. Today, the collection of the exhibited materials from all over the world is one way of making the Cat Museum as a "Cat Information Centre".


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