Mount Kinabalu|Sabah|Malaysia

Mount Kinabalu is located in Kinabalu National Park,Sabah. Mount Kinabalu stands at 4095 metres and the venue for the World's Toughest Mountain Race. Mount Kinabalu is known to be one of the most accessible peak and no specialized mountain climbing skills are required to ascend it. Thousands of tourists visit Kinabalu National Park every year with the intention of reaching the summit (number of visitors at park headquarters now hovers around 200,000 per year).

The distribution of flora on the mountain is a classic example of altitude and temperature-related zonation. From the warm lowland rainforests to the near-freezing alpine conditions at the summit, each zone is characterised by a quite different assemblage of plant species.

The best time to come to Mount Kinabalu is during the dry season from February to April, when walking and climbing is much more enjoyable. The temperature ranges from a comfortable 20-25 degrees Celsius at the main park to something approaching freezing near the top (depending on the weather).

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