Interesting Places In Malaysia

Longhouses are situated in the northern and interior parts of Sabah. The longhouses of the Rungus people provide a fascinating glimpse inton the rustic communal lifestyle of the people living in the Kudat peninsula, right at the northernmost tip of Sabah. There are several Rungus villages here that you can visit to explore longhouses including Kampung Bavanggazo, Kampung Matunnggung, Kampung Misompuru, kampung Maranjak and Kampung Ponggugadan.

Kampung Bavanggazo is perhaps the most popular Rungus village. It is located near Tinongol in the Kudat District, about 40 km from Kudat. It is close to one hundred kilometers from Kota Kinabalu, and would take you two and a half hours to drive from there.At the Rungus Longhouse of Kampung Bavanggazo, you can see how the people lived, experience their daily routine, the rituals, ceremonies and traditional music.

The Rungus longhouses are usually built of bamboo with thatch roofing. Within the longhouse, each family has its own apartment, or living quarters, called valai. It is a "studio" unit that is used as dining room, kitchen, living room and bedroom.

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