Central Market|Kuala Lumpur|Malaysia

Interesting Places In Malaysia

The Central Market is just a stone's throw from Klang Bus Station and is situated immediately behind the Dayabumi building.It was the principal wet market for Kuala Lumpur in earlier years. It was extensively renovated in the early 1980's and redesignated as an arts and cultural centre.

In this air-conditioned market you can find many souvenirs. It's a haven for tourists, where you can buy arts, handicrafts, batik, traditional wear etc. Everything that your heart desires is available here. All at reasonable prices. The building has pale blue colour. In front of the Central Market is a square with palm trees. If it's too hot outside you can cool down inside, because there's an air-conditioning.

Inside the building there are two levels. On both levels are shops for souvenirs and handicrafts. At the first level are some artists and you can buy T-shirts.
On the second level is even a small hawker center and you can buy antique items.

Amid the stalls selling an array of souvenirs are small outlets where Malaysian artists display their works. Visitors may even have their portrait painted or order custom-made handicrafts.

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