Seri Menanti Palace|Negeri Sembilan|Malaysia

Interesting Places In Malaysia

This palace was constructed in 1902 and built entirely of wood. One of the oldest cultural traditions among the Malays is the art and craft of wood carving.It is located in Seri Menanti, the royal capital of Negri Sembilan, about 30km from the administrative capital, Seremban. This is the seat of the Minangkabau rulers, who migrated to Negri Sembilan during the early years of the Sultanate of Malacca. The original palace was destroyed in a rail during the Sungai Ujong tin wars. The present structure dates to 1902 by two Malay master craftsmen, and was built without the use of nails.

Sri Menanti Palace was used as the royal residence until 1932. The central tower which was used as a treasury and royal archives, can only be reached by latter from the Sultan's private rooms, and is not open to the public. At the apex of the structure is a projection type known as "open scissors" -- this design style is now rarely seen in Malaysia, and one of the few rare examples is the National Museum in Kuala Lumpur.

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