Lake Chini|Pahang|Malaysia

Interesting Places In Malaysia

Lake Chini or Tasik Chini, about 100 kilometers from Kuantan, with an area 12,565 acres of lush tropical wilderness, is Malaysia's second largest natural lake. Situated on the right bank of the Pahang river, This magical lake is endowed with an endless and captivating scenic beauty and vast tranquil environment and at the same time conceals a mystery lurking beneath its calm waters.

The enchanting lake, actually a series of 12 inter-connecting water bodies referred to as 'Laut'(sea) by the locals, is a generous treasure trove of nature heritage. The area is richly endowed with biological resources where 138 species of territorial flora and some 300 species of non aquatic vertebrates have been found. The water system is also home to a numerous aquatic vegetation and 144 species of freshwater fish.

The mysterious Tasik Chini is Malaysia's answer to Loch Ness. Legend has it that the lake was the site of an ancient Khmer city, now completely submerged and guarded by mystical monsters.

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