National Planetarium|Kuala Lumpur|Malaysia

Interesting Places In Malaysia

The Planetarium Negara (National Planetarium) is located within KL's Lake Garden district and was offially opened on 7th February 1994. In line with Malaysia's aims of sending its first astronaut to the space in the new millenium, the Planetarium Negara plays an important role of promoting space science to the society at large and leading Malaysia towards the development of space science. From a distance, this blue domed and minaret structure could easily be mistaken for a mosque.

Its attractions include the space theater, planetarium shows, space science exhibition, ancient observatory park and viewing galery. It also has an observatory tower that houses a 35 cm telescope.

Leading towards its main entrance at the cascading fountain area is the 'Merdeka Sun Clock'. It is a sundail in a bowl-like and crescent shaped that served the function of telling time quite accurately. The 'Merdeka Sun Clock' was previously located between the Merdeka Stadium and Stadium Negara, prior to its relocation here. It was named to commemorate the country's independence in 1957.

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