Istana Jahar|Kelantan|Malaysia

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Conveniently located within the cultural zone in Kota Bharu, the museum is easily accessible from Jalan Sultan and Jalan Hilir Kota.Built in 1887, Istana Jahar was a gift from Sultan Mahmud II to his grandson, Long Kundur. Today, this palace is known as the Museum of Royal Traditions and Customs.

An epitome of the uncompromising standards of Kelantanese wood craftmanship, this beautiful palace is adorned with intricately carved wooden panels. A tour of this museum will reveal the grandeur of the Kelantanese traditional ceremonies and customs. Inside, visitors can find an extensive collection of Kelantan's historical documentation, rare artefacts, photographs and exhibits which portray the state's rich cultural heritage.


ashley-cita said...

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You have so many interesting places here. It's wonderful to learn more about Malaysia and enjoy your beautiful images.

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very beautiful museum indeed..i woulg like to take a tour there although it's difficult..(beceuse i live in greece :P)