Pengkalan Kempas Historical Complex|Negeri Sembilan|Malaysia

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The Pengkalan Kempas Historical Complex, also known as Fort Kempas, is located about 35 km from Port Dickson Town, in a small town of which it takes its name from. This town used to be a historical port, but its main attraction for visitors today is the megalith stones located inside the complex and a nearby river called Sungai Linggi which is popular with fishermen for its abundant freshwater prawns.

The historical complex is the site of a tomb belonging to a Syeikh Ahmad Majnun, a Islamic teacher who was slain in battle with the army of Sultan Mansor Shah of Malacca. This is why the historical complex is also called Keramat Sungai Udang, which refers to the tomb. It is believed to be the oldest Muslim grave in Malaysia, dating back to the 14th Century. The locals here view the tomb as a shrine. Other than the grave, the site has several megalith stones, called 'Batu Bersurat' in Malay.

The most famous of these stones is a set of three that resemble a spoon, rudder and sword respectively. The locals imagine these stones as being magical and able to grow in size. At another side, there is a large stone with a hole drilled through it. It is said to be a lie detector and to insert your hand in while telling a fib will cause the stone to tighten around it.

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