Homestay Seri Tanjung | Melaka | Malaysia

Interesting Places In Malaysia

The Seri Tanjung Village is in Alor Gajah District, approximately 24km away from Melaka Historic City. Visitors will stay with host families, the villagers of Seri Tanjung. As such, visitors will experience the essence of village life in Seri Tanjung, an experience which is becoming a rarity nowadays.

Warm, hospitable, tight-knit communities offer the best home-cooked meals and are eager to share their customs and traditions with visitors. Beautiful scenery is part of village life - slanted coconut trees that pierce the bright blue sky and line red dirt roads add to the enlightening and fun-filled experience.

You will be invited to participate in animal husbandry and farming, if you want a hands-on experience. It is common for children to play traditional games in the cool, late afternoon. They will eagerly teach you these games, but be prepared to lose gracefully to these expert players. This is village life at its best!

The villagers will organise traditional performances such as Silat, the Malay martial arts, or traditional top spinning. This is the perfect way to learn about Malaysian culture and get to know Malaysians.

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