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Firefly-watching is one of the main attractions in Sungai Lebam Wetland Preservation area. Fireflies also known as lightning bugs, have emitting light organs that glow luminous flashes on the underside of their abdomens. Catch the blinking lights and keep silent while watching the fireflies, to view the magical lighting wonders! The fireflies congregate at a vast mangrove swamp, especially at the Berembang trees.

The elusive fire-fly that once buzzed in vast numbers within the forest and jungles of Asia is now a dying breed with urbanization and destruction of our natural flora and fauna. They are harmless, and seeing it for the first time is always a magical experience! Come over and see for yourselves the amazing fireflies of Lebam River.A truly unforgettable experience.

To reach the Lebam River site, travel from Kota Tinggi town towards Desaru for about 43km, then turn right for 3km. Distance: 91km from Johor Bahru city centre or 46km from Kota Tinggi town.

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