Desaru Fruit Farm|Johor|Malaysia

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Tropical Malaysian fruits are abundant all year round in Malaysia. Some fruits are seasonal like Durian, Rambutan and Mangosteen whilst others like Papaya, Banana, Pineapple, Rose Apple, Star Fruits, Lime, Oranges and Coconut are available all year round.

The Desaru Fruit Farm is planted with many different types of tropical fruits. Their experienced guides will give talks on the different plants and show you around the farm in a leisurely bullock-cart ride or in your own vehicle.

The Mini Zoo houses indigenous animals such as goats, different types of birds, including ostriches, peacocks, turkeys and wild fowl. The farm also boasts of an apiary, where local bees tap the flowering fruit trees for nectar. Fishponds dot the farm where anglers can try their luck.

At the souvenir shop, visitors can find many Malaysian goods such as batik clothing, local handicraft and food products, including the farm's products such as honey and the different types of fruits.

The farm has about 50 acres of Limau Madu-sweet green oranges and the rest is planted with Limau Kesturi-musk lime, Belimbing Asam, Durian, Jambu Air or water apple, Chiku, Jambu Madu/Mawar-Guava, Rambutan, Pulasan, Cempedak, Kedondong-Great Hog Plum, Papaya and other local fruit trees.

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