Padang Besar|Perlis|Malaysia

Interesting Places In Malaysia

Padang Besar is a border town located in the northern part of Perlis state in Malaysia. It is situated on the border with Songkhla province, Thailand, 35 kilometers northeast of Kangar and about 70 km southwest of Hat Yai.

Padang Besar is popular for purchasing items from both countries and is bargain hunters' favourites for clothing, leather goods, and household items. There is also a duty free shop here. Padang Besar's Bazaar is heaven sent with goods ranging from traditional to the high-end market.

This border town is the merging point for Thais and Malaysians. Many Malaysians travel up to Thailand through this point and likewise for their Thai counterparts, on shopping, business or recreational trips.

The railway station has a long platform, manned by Malaysians on one side and the Thais on the other. Besides the Immigration checkpoints and some signs, it is hard to distinguish where the border actually lies because culturally, both sides are so enmeshed.

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