Lake Bera|Pahang|Malaysia

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Located in southwest Pahang,Lake Bera or Tasik Bera in Malay is the largest natural freshwater lake in Peninsula Malaysia. It is situated in the saddle of the main and eastern mountain ranges of the Peninsula and is approximately 35km long and 20km wide. Tasik Bera has remained a unique and remote wetland wilderness, which is surrounded by a patchwork of dry lowland forests.

Lake Bera plays an important role in flood control, water flow regulation and purification and it also provides many natural resources for the local community. Lake Bera is a sanctuary for 328 species of flora, 200 bird species, 50 mammals, and more than 95 species of fishes. Although very difficult to discover, the extended wetland area and its surrounding forests still support tigers, tapirs, elephants, and other endangered species. The clouded leopard, wild boars, monkeys, flying squirrels, and flying lemurs are other wildlife known to exist in Bera. The lake also contains a large number of the country's freshwater fish species, including both popular aquarium and sport fishes.

Lake Bera is an ideal place for many recreational and adventurous activities. Visitors can choose to jungle trek, participate in river safaris, or go fishing, especially after heavy rains. The relatively isolated and tranquil surroundings of the open water are also perfect for boating or kayaking. Visitors can cruise river channels and inlets in search of vegetation and wildlife.

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