Orang Asli Museum|Melaka|Malaysia

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The Orang Asli museum or The Aborigines Museum is located at Jalan Air Keroh,Melaka next to the Crocodile's Farm. It is opened to the public on the 3th February 1997. It is one of the museums controlled by the Melaka Museums Corporation (PERZIM). Generally, this museum exhibits various collections from the local aborigines. Brilliantly, the lifestyle and cultural activities of the local aborigines presented in dioramas.

The building housing the museum is an interesting replica of a typical aborigines' house. The exhibits, which are displayed in five themed galleries, range from household accessories and hunting gear to agricultural implements and religious effects. There is probably no better place to catch a glimpse of the mysteries of the aborigines than this.

The Museum contains five gallery with five themes. The themes displayed at the gallery are method for catching the fish, agriculture tools, aboriginal kitchen, sleeping room, and weapons. Most attracted subject will be hunting tools and the sermon tools that kept 1001 mysteries about the tribes magic and witch craft.

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