Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre|Sarawak|Malaysia

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Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is located about 20 km south of Kuching and is situated within the beautiful Semengoh Nature Reserve. It was established in 1975 for the rehabilitation of confiscated and surrendered wild animals.This is a temporary home for various endangered wildlife of Sarawak, especially orang utans that were rescued from captivity and hornbills.

The aim is to reintroduce as many of the animals as possible to their natural habitat, as many had been orphaned by logging or were being illegally kept as pets. There is more to see in the morning as the young monkeys and Orang Utans are put back in their cages at 3pm.

The semi-wild Orang Utans are good timekeepers and as feeding time approaches they start to make an appearance. They descend from the trees of the surrounding forest reserve to offer visitors a unique wildlife experience and some excellent photo opportunities. They often make their way to the lower branches and small trees, which surround the various Orang Utan enclosures, the very same cages, where they used to stay before graduating to the forest. Here, they play with each other, swing about in the hanging vines and occasionally descend to ground level to 'charge' groups of tourists.

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