Tawau Hills National Park|Sabah|Malaysia

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Tawau Hills National Park is located 24 km from Tawau. It is a protected forest on the northwest of Tawau in Sabah. It was made a protected water catchment area in 1979.This area is accessible by road and there is a park head quarters located at the entrance of the park. The highest point of the park is gunung madalena, at 1310 m. The park is popular with tawau local residents as picnic spots on weekends.

The Tawau Hills National Park is gazetted as a protection for water catchment for the people of Tawau town and Semporna peninsula. The Tawau river flows through the park and with attractive rainfall throughout the year, there is a natural swimming pool with shelters, toilets and changing rooms near the table waterfall.

The Tawau Hills National Park is rich in Begonias, Tree Ferns, Agathis Trees, forest herbs and over 150 species of Orchid have been recorded including the Elephant Ear Orchid that boasts the largest Orchid leaves in the world. Tawau Hills is a bird lover’s paradise, home to over 180 species including the Blue-Banded Kingfisher, Blue Headed Pitta, Lesser Fish Eagle, 6 species of Hornbill and 3 rare types of Pheasants.

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