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Situated approximately 8 kilometers north of Kangar town of Perlis, Melati Lake is a small yet pleasing lake lies in partially swampy lowland. Getting its name from the sweet aromatic of Jasmine, Melati Lake is dabbed with more than 150 sandbar islands that are accessible only by small boat and its water is filled with lots of fishes. There are elevated walkways which bring you closer to the clear water and floating lotus. With the limestone hill background, it is an ideal place to relax, walk about or do some boating. There is also a 3 kilometers jungle trek from Melati Lake to Pelarit Hill for viewing the local flora and fauna.

Boating is the favourite activity here and you can take a sampan (small Malay boat) from one islet to another. Besides that, there is also a network of elevated walkways over the water which provides vantage viewpoints for visitors. There is also a playground with pavements painted with Disney characters here at Melati Lake. This playground would definitely provide children with a real fun time.

This artificial man made lake is a nice spots for tourist and a peaceful retreat that promises to rejuvenate local or foreign visitors with its wonderful sceneries. This charming lake is also an excellent place to unwind after a hard day's work. Not only sight seeing, visitors are able to do other activities such as jogging, picnics,walking and others.

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