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Interesting Places In Malaysia

Built in 1997, the museum traces the history of the Johor Sultanate. The site was chosen for a museum due to its historical significance as the seat of the old Johor Sultanate. The valleys of Johor River was also the start of the new era of the Malay Sultanate after the fall Malacca in 1511 to the Portuguese.

The museum will enthral you with its complete explanation on how the Malaccan Empire settled and magnified its rule in Johor and how the conflicts between Portuguese, Achehnese and other super powers took place in the span of hundreds of years. The Malaccan Sultanate line of descendents also ended in Kota Tinggi when the last ruler Sultan Mahmud Shah was assassinated by his own admiral Megat Seri Rama who was also known as Laksamana Bentan.

The spaces on the two storey building display a vast variety of rare exhibits from the 19th century to the present, ranging from century old porcelain, big paintings on canvas, ancient musical instruments to house models. Besides the old historical view, the museum also highlights the lineage and recent important occurrences in Johor. The cultural entity of Johor includes a certain identity in its architecture, music, costume and dances.


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