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Jalan Satok Sunday Market locally known in Malay as 'Pasar Minggu', is a Kuching institution that dates back several decades. For many years, Jalan Satok market have been the best place to buy all assortment of local products, food & jungle produces. Not only that, you would probably see many of Sarawak Ethnic groups people doing their business here.

This vibrant Sunday market along Jalan Satok, comes alive Saturday afternoon when local traders from the outskirts of Kuching peddle their wares. The Jalan Satok Sunday Market is at the junction of Jalan Satok and Jalan Palm, opposite the Miramar Cinema. Catch a glimpse of the fat squirming grubs, sieet, or unique wild ferns "midin" and other jungle produce sold in makeshift stalls by the roadside, or simply on empty rice sacks lain on the ground.

The place truly comes alive with a riot of colours, smells and dialects as the locals converge to buy their weekly produce. Traders sell handicrafts, clothes, fresh produce, food and drinks and much more. This is also an excellent excuse for picture taking opportunities. Take an outing to the market, and be prepared to face a bevy of smiles, fierce haggling and friendly faces in the true Sarawakian warmth and charm.

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