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The farm just opened in March 2001, and offers an enjoyable tour to see these fascinating birds. The public will be able to know more of these birds, while being able to see them up close. Children and adults alike will love the educational tour and to find more about these flightless birds. Visitors have an opportunity to come up close to these majestic, tutu-totting bird ballerinas at the Ostrich Farm. The 500-odd ostriches thrive in this environment that is close to their natural habitat in the wilds.

Friendly ostriches will even allow visitors to pet and stroke them. In addition to the ostriches, there are other varieties of birds reared in the farm such as the Polish Chicken, which is a variety of the stunted Bantam chicken. Activities at this farm include ostrich rides for children and purchasing ostrich-based products such as the huge ostrich egg (equivalent to 25 chicken eggs and can weight up to 1.5kg) used to make cakes, decorative lamp shades, kaya, etc. The farm receives 6,000 to 7,000 visitors per annum.

The farm showcases the full spectrum of the Ostrich Industry, ranging from ostrich eggs being hatched into young chicks using state-of-the-art incubators. These chicks are then nurtured and fed till a mature age of 1 year, weighing about 100kgs. From there, they are either culled for their meat, feathers, skin, fat, tendon and bones, or kept in the farm as subsequent breeders. These raw products are then processed, packed and sold in restaurants in Johor and Desaru Ostrich Farm.

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