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Strategically located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur; the Cocoa Boutique is within the Malaysia Tourism Centre (MTC) in Jalan Ampang. Cocoa Boutique is the place where you can savour all the chocolates that are truly and uniquely Malaysia. Created by their own chefs and the chocolates are always fresh and made from the highest quality ingredients, bringging an exciting sensation to your taste buds.

Cocoa Boutique offered chocolate connoisseurs a wide selection of the finest locally produced chocolates. The range of fine chocolates are created and made to original Belgian recipes, using 100% pure cocoa butter in accordance with authentic Belgium formulation. Durian Chocolate is sought after for its unique taste and was awarded The Winner of Most Innovative Chocolate Product 2004 by the Malaysian Cocoa Board. The Vezzo and Harriston brands are exported to China, Taiwan, India, Hong Kong, Australia and the South-East Asian region.

Most of the cocoa ingredients are from Belgium but also use products from Ghana and Malaysia. They are constantly creating new and innovative products at their factory. Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) and stringent quality control that complies with international standards of hygiene.

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Darlene said...

You had me at "cocoa". Now, I'm wishing I could just reach in to those photos and grab a little, OK a LOT, of chocolate.