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Located at Jalan Hang Jebat, (formerly known as Jonker Street) Melaka, Jonker Walk is a definite haven for antique collectors and bargain hunters. Authentic artifacts and relics, some dating as far back as 300 years, can be found among a host of interesting collectibles, each with its own history and mystery.

This narrow alley was once a wealthy street filled with rich colonial residents and today it has become a paradise for antique collectors. Featuring unique antique pieces that date as far back as the 17th century, it attracts bargain hunters looking for handmade Chinese porcelain, decorative brassware, cast iron beds, lamps, age old coins and genuine paper money that were used during early Melakan trade and commerce. Visitors can also find priceless Buddha statues and other one of a kind pieces that were made by locals during different Melakan eras.

While Jonker Street is known worldwide for its rare and priceless finds, during weekends (around 6pm) the street is transformed into a busy, carnival like affair which tourists visiting Melaka eagerly look forward to! The Jonker Walk night market is a weekly affair for locals where they assemble stalls and display products to sell. The usual wares you can find on this side of the street reflect their cultural heritage with local and ethnic Melakan fare; you can take a little bit of Melaka home with you through the indigenous handicrafts and souvenirs, ornamental jewelry and wooden clogs.

Another thing that has made Jonker Street in Melaka famous is its food choices. This street is considered the most popular food and entertainment district in Melaka, Malaysia. Here you can find extensive food options from different cultures.

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